Terry Wunderle, an archery world champion in his own right, is also one of the most successful archery coaches of all time, having produced more top-tier champions than any other coach. His students have won over 350 national and world championships and have set hundreds of national and world records.

WunderleThe driving force that propelled Wunderle to these heights in the field of archery wasn’t a desire to compete, or a yearning for recognition. Initially, he just wanted to be ready for deer season.

Hunting with his father in the fields on the outskirts of Mason City as a youth, Wunderle never saw his bow as anything but a way to pursue his passion for hunting. It was later in life, after a twelve-year stint as a science teacher at Mason City Middle School, that he took up competitive archery as a way to spend time with his children.

“Vic (Olympic medalist Vic Wunderle) was about five at the time,” Terry recalls. “I had to take him, so I started shooting as well. I didn’t realize my skill level until I started winning. Then it became a part of me.”

In the 1980’s, Terry won the 3D archery world championship.

Coaching seemed a logical evolution, given his background as a teacher and his children’s desire to learn the craft (all three of his children are national champions).

“I think my years of teaching helped me later to be able to convey processes to other archers,” he says.

“When I began coaching, I practiced a different method and procedure than was universally used. I was laughed at by most coaches. Later, they discovered it was difficult to beat my archers. Now, many of those coaches have changed their approach.”

According to Jeanne, Wunderle’s wife of 41 years, Terry is an effective and dedicated coach who establishes personal relationships with his students. “It’s very enjoyable to have the archers here, working inside and out, sharing a meal (Terry is a wonderful cook), and getting to know them personally,” she says.

Wunderle also writes prolifically, having produced hundreds of instructional articles for national and international hunting, sporting, and archery magazines. The “Archery Shot Doctor,” as he is known in the sport, has never written an archery book, however, until now.

“ARCHERY: THINK AND SHOOT LIKE A CHAMPION” is now available for purchase on Wunderle’s website, www.wunderlearchery.com. The book is culled from the hundreds of articles he has written over the years for top archery publications. Clear and concise, it teaches hunters and archers of all types how to overcome the mental and physical obstacles encountered when striving to become champions in their sport.

“I was hearing from so many people that if I died without getting my training methods down in a book, they would die with me,” Wunderle says of his decision to write the book.

Wunderle continues to train a select clientele at his home and training facility outside Mason City. The location is one he selected very intentionally. “I grew up here,” Wunderle says. “I love it here. I’ve been offered jobs all over, but even when I was in college I knew I wanted to come back here and spend the rest of my life. Mason City is different from the rest of the world. It’s God’s country.

“Sometimes I sit back and laugh. Everybody wants good things in life, good money. They overlook happiness.”

For more information or to purchase “ARCHERY: THINK AND SHOOT LIKE A CHAMPION,” visit http://www.wunderlearchery.com/

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