Mason City History

Courtesy of the Mason City, Illinois Area and Family Historical Society

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“On the 29th of September 1857, a plat of the Original Town of Mason City was filed in the Recorder’s Office at Havana, including thirty-seven full and twenty-two fractional blocks. The full blocks were 320 feet on each side and divided into fourteen lots each….”


“The increasing hard times and the start of the Civil War slowed expansion almost entirely until 1863 when some building started again. This continued at a gradually increasing pace until 1867 when a period of great prosperity started….”


“Mason City boomed. Buildings and homes were built in great numbers, business and agriculture prospered. Within twenty years of its founding, its people numbered two thousand….”


“Mason City business men were compelled to expand their operations rapidly during the early years to keep pace with the town, and many specialized businesses were started to supplement the early general stores, drug store, implement dealers, a steam grain elevator, bakeries, butcher shops and a picture gallery appeared to mention a few….”


Selected excerpts from “Mason City centennial, 1857-1957.” Click here to read the entire text.