Properties Co. Renovates Mason City Buildings

As many of you may have noticed, the Old Salesman building recently met its demise, having been demolished and hauled away, taking a piece of Mason City’s rich history with it. Today, many more are on the chopping block and others are being left to rot in place. Some Mason City residents see these old buildings as an eye sore while others still hold fond memories of a time almost forgotten. There is a new company in Mason City which sees these old buildings as opportunities and the residents who favor nostalgia should be proud to welcome Adams & Hogue Properties, LLC, which has recently completed its first phase of renovation in saving the “old high school” from certain perish.

Adams & Hogue Properties, LLC is the brainchild of lifelong Mason City resident Douglas Adams and his business partner Ryan Hogue. These two friends met while serving in our nation’s military and formed a bond based on the motto of excellence in all they do, which was forged by the brotherhood of war. In focusing on these principals, Adams and & Hogue Properties, LLC was formed to return old historic buildings to a productive use while honoring and respecting their past significance and symbolism to the community.

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