Prairie Harvest Days NEW DATE!

Spooktacular is under 3 1/2 months away people! Are you getting excited? We are! It is our 21st year and we are trying some things a little different. This year’s fall festival will be held October 3-4 instead of the 3rd weekend in September. Even though we made the announcement in January, have had signs up for a few months, and have been boasting about it on social media, we thought thereĀ  maybe a few people who don’t know we are moving this year. Because of the Halloween theme, so many other events taking place in other communities our normal weekend, an some new events we ave planned, we are going to try the first weekend in October. That weekend has had perfect weather in the past few years and we are hoping for the same this year.

We understand tradition, we want the traditions of the festival to continue and grow into the future, as we know this is a fundraising opportunity for the local churches and organizations in the area. Bringing in new people to our community to celebrate what the Illini Central communities have to offer is the reason we are trying so many new things to build on the previous years’ success

There are always questions and concerns with the event and we want to address them all, so we are having another open meeting to the public on Wednesday, July 9th at 7pm in the Pavilion Park. We can’t continue to grow and improve without your feedback.

We put in a lot of hard work and many hours into preparing for this event. We do this so the families of this area an carry on a wonderful tradition of celebration, family fun, and honor the hard work of our farmers. We look forward to discussing the event with you and hearing from your businesses and organizations on how you can participate.

If you should have any questions please feel free to contact Ryan Swaar, PHD Chairman, by phone, text, email or Facebook. Please visit our website: where you can find all our contact information, donate online, and download our new mobile app for your smartphone. If we all give a little we can do a lot!