Minutes: January 23, 2017

Regular Meeting City Council
City Council Chambers
145 South Main Street
Mason City, Illinois
January 23, 2017 7:00 PM

Call to order by Mayor Charles “Pete” Bowers.

Council members physically present: Bruce Lowe, David Tomlin, Jeff Curry, Scott Francis, Gerald Mahin, and Dan Mason, 6. Also present were Mayor Charles “Pete” Bowers, City Clerk Karla S. Daubs, City Treasurer Michael R. Griffin, Superintendent of Public Works Wayne Dixon, Police Chief Jack Fischer, Chad Cleary, Ben McCormick, Police Officer Buddy Willis, Jim Miller, Melvin Anderson and wife, Rachel Butler, Police Officer Billy Williams, City Attorney Denise Barr, Toby Skaggs, and Larry Crossett.

The Chairman declared a quorum present.

Minutes of the January 9, 2017 streets and alleys committee meeting, the January 9, 2017 regular scheduled
council meeting, the January 9, 2017 executive session meeting, and the January 18, 2017 police committee
meeting were approved.
R17-05 Alderman Lowe moved, seconded by Alderman Francis to have City Attorney Denise Barr start proceedings to research and file a complaint on the property at 302 East High Street owned by David and Nancy Coulter.
Ayes: Aldermen Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.

R17-06 Alderman Francis moved, seconded by Alderman Lowe to make needed repairs to the 2012 squad car.
Ayes: Aldermen Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.
Jim Miller addressed the council on behalf of the Fall Festival Committee. He announced that the car show promoted by Buddy and Barb Willis will be in conjunction with the Fall Festival this September. They are hoping to draw more people for the event. Buddy Willis was given permission to block the 100 and 200 blocks of East Pine Street and the 100 block of North Tonica Street for the car show as done in the past.

No other citizens addressed the council.

Superintendent of Public Works Wayne Dixon introduced his two new employees: Chad Cleary and Ben McCormick.

A list of the 2016 building permits was provided by Nathan List, Mason City Zoning Administrator, for the council’s review. A copy of this list will be sent to the county assessor’s office, posted on the city hall bulletin board and kept on file in the clerk’s office.

Mayor Bowers asked Attorney Barr to address the council with an update on the Coulter property. She stated that ordinance violations have been given and fines are being paid but this does not alleviate the problem. We can go another way. Back taxes are currently owed. A complaint can be filed and others can be involved. There needs to be a clear deed as there may be a potential buyer. The City could obtain the property. The council approved having the city attorney file a complaint, resolution R17-05.

Mayor Bowers asked the council to consider improvements on Main Street. There are pot holes appearing. It was suggested that one block be repaired at a time using the motor fuel tax funds.

Under City Hall concerns:
• Clerk Daubs asked the council to complete the “Statement of Economic Interests” form received from the county clerk and return them to her to mail back to the court house.
• 2016 Ordinances & Resolutions: a reference for next year was provided.
• 2017 Full Time Employee Benefits – prepared for the auditors was provided
• Training update (for review) was provided
• Update on a workers compensation claim was provided

Under water department concerns Alderman Lowe reported that National Rodding should be done cleaning the sewers by the end of the week. The water, sewer, lights committee will meet to see how to proceed.
Alderman Francis stated that the police committee met on January 18, 2017 to discuss various needs:
• The 2012 squad car needs repair. This was approved per resolution, R17-06.
• The 2009 squad car needs to be replaced. Chief Fischer is looking at prices.
• A suggestion was made to have Guy Wands look at all the squad cars.
• The department would like to update their radios to digital like the county uses. This would be for four mobiles and six portables for $7,490.
• Extended warranties for the cars are to be reviewed.
Alderman Lowe reported that the automatic metering system installation may start the second week in February.

Ten bids were opened for the Main Street demolition project as follows:

01-23-2017 Demolition Bid Tabulations 117/119 S. Main St. Mason City, IL

Advance Demolition East Peoria, IL 37,500.00
Hood Demolition Rushville, IL 42,000.00
Mexus Industrial Group Springfield, IL 48,985.00
FUQUA Excavating Rushville, IL 54,950.00
River City Demolition Peoria, IL 59,800.00
Tom Burgess Wrecking Springfield, IL 58,000.00/63,800.00 with Bond
Anderson Backhoe Service, IL Decatur, IL 65,000.00
Neidig Excavating Astoria, IL 82,414.27
Joe Coleman Salvage & Demolition, Pana, IL 102,075.00
Alpha Yield Systems New Holland, IL 286,070.00

No action was taken. The bids will be reviewed and action taken at the next council meeting on February 13, 2017.

There being no further business, Alderman Mason moved, seconded by Alderman Lowe, to recess into
Executive Session at 7:50 P.M. to discuss 5 ILCS 120/2 (c) (12), Litigation.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Alderman Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.

During the Executive Session, Alderman Lowe moved, seconded by Alderman Mason to recess to
the regular meeting at 8:01 P.M.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Alderman Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.

The regular meeting resumed at 8:01 P.M.

A part-time office position ad will be run in the Banner Times for the next two weeks.

There being no further business, Alderman Lowe moved, seconded by Alderman Mason that the regular
meeting adjourn at 8:10 PM.

__________________________________ __________________________________
Karla S. Daubs, RMC, City Clerk Charles “Pete” Bowers, Mayor