Minutes: February 27, 2017

Regular Meeting City Council
City Council Chambers
145 South Main Street
Mason City, Illinois
February 27, 2017 7:00 PM

Call to order by Mayor Charles “Pete” Bowers.

Council members physically present: Bruce Lowe, David Tomlin, Jeff Curry, Scott Francis, Gerald Mahin, and Dan Mason, 6. Also present were Mayor Charles “Pete” Bowers, City Clerk Karla S. Daubs, Superintendent of Public Works Wayne Dixon, Police Chief Jack Fischer, Police Officer Buddy Willis, Police Officer Billy Williams, Police Officer James Willoby, Larissa Seward, David Knieriem, Wendy Martin, and Larry Crossett.

The Chairman declared a quorum present.

Minutes of the February 13, 2017 regular scheduled council meeting, and the February 15, 2017 streets and
alleys committee meeting were approved.
Billy Williams addressed the council with concerns about replacing squad cars. One car was totaled in an accident and the other two have high mileage and are not dependable. He feels it doesn’t make since to dump money into repairs. The extended warranties are not covering all the cost of repairs. The department needs a backup plan and equipment that works. We need dependable vehicles. This is public safety as is the building being torn down. Chief Fischer stated that two cars are in the shop. Alderman Curry added that a third car was not meant for patrolling. Alderman Lowe said we need to look at our money.

Larissa Seward, a coordinator for community development with the Prairieland Council asked to speak to the council. They are a not-for-profit organization offering assistant in grant writing and development through tax credits. She spoke of a possible need for senior housing in Mason City. She is not asking for money up front or any type of agreement but would like to know what the City needs. She will try to find a grant for a police car. She left some flyers for the council to review.

No other citizens addressed the council.

Under City Hall concerns:
• Training update (for review) was provided
• Update on a workers compensation claim was provided

Superintendent Dixon said the footings were poured today for the lift station.

Under police concerns Alderman Francis stated that Chief Fischer is getting estimates for a new squad car. The State Police will be filing a report on the accident that totaled our squad car.

Under water department concerns Alderman Lowe reported that National Rodding should be done cleaning the sewers by the end of the week. The water, sewer, lights committee will meet to see how to proceed.
Alderman Mason stated that the streets and alleys committee met on February 15, 2017 to discuss:
• The truck traffic on North Main Street: The council agreed that Mason County Transfer will only be allowed to run their trucks from route 29 to their business. No trucks are allowed on North Main Street as currently posted.
• Redoing two blocks of South Main Street: This cost would be 70 to 80 thousand payable out of Motor Fuel Tax funds. A decision will be made later about which two blocks to redo.
• Sidewalks uptown: The sidewalk from Coach’s to the doctor’s office on South Tonica Street needs to be replaced.
Alderman Francis scheduled a special council meeting for Monday, March 6, 2017 at 7:00 to discuss the purchase of a new squad car.

Alderman Lowe stated that a water, lights, and sewer committee meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 6:00. The committee will look at information received from National Rodding and CMT and their proposed pricing to avoid too much additional cost.

There being no further business, Alderman Lowe moved, seconded by Alderman Francis that the regular
meeting adjourn at 7:40 PM.

__________________________________ __________________________________
Karla S. Daubs, RMC, City Clerk Charles “Pete” Bowers, Mayor