Minutes: February 13, 2017

Regular Meeting City Council
City Council Chambers
145 South Main Street
Mason City, Illinois
February 13, 2017 7:00 PM

Call to order by Mayor Charles “Pete” Bowers.

The mayor called a special meeting at 6:30 to discuss the demolition bids. Only one alderman, David Tomlin, was able to attend. At 6:50 Bruce Lowe, Jeff Curry, Scott Francis, and Dan Mason were in attendance. The bids were reviewed by the mayor but the final decision was left to decide during the regular meeting.

The regular began at 7:00 PM.

Council members physically present: Bruce Lowe, David Tomlin, Jeff Curry, Scott Francis, Gerald Mahin, and Dan Mason, 6. Also present were City Clerk Karla S. Daubs, City Treasurer Michael R. Griffin, Superintendent of Public Works Wayne Dixon, Police Chief Jack Fischer, Police Officer Buddy Willis, Police Officer James Willoby, Dave Knieriem, Larry Crossett, and Josh Logan with Boy Scouts #189: Carter Logan, James Byrd, Brayden Eairheart, and Caleb Harp.

The Chairman declared a quorum present.

Minutes of the January 23, 2016 Regular Scheduled Council Meeting, the January 23, 2017 Executive Session Meeting, and the February 9, 2017 Police Committee Meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s monthly report was read, approved and ordered filed.

The bills were reviewed for payment.
R17-07 Alderman Mason moved, seconded by Alderman Lowe to approve that the bills and advanced checks be allowed and warrants drawn for payment.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Aldermen Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.

R17-08 Alderman Lowe moved, seconded by Alderman Mason that the demolition of a building located at 117/119 South Main Street be awarded to River City Demolition from Peoria, IL for a fee of $59,800.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Aldermen Lowe, Tomlin, Mahin, and Mason, 4.
Nays: Alderman Curry, 1.
Abstain: Alderman Francis.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.
No citizens addressed the council.

Mayor Bowers welcomed the Boy Scouts in attendance for joining us.

Clerk Daubs reported:
• There was a State inspection of the elevator 2-8-17; it passed. The necessary paperwork has been mailed to The State Fire Marshal Division of Elevator Safety for the necessary permit. There will be a fee of $75.00.
• I have a letter for the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. The council was asked by the “Hideout” owners and the State Liquor Licensing Department to be notified of the corporate officer changes.
• I was asked about giving away time from an employee that will be retiring next week. He has accumulated time that cannot be paid and will not be used. I contacted our attorney and was told that this can be done but advised that the council set a policy. The council agreed to not allow time to be given away.
• A training update is attached.
• Insurance Audit Services conducted a payroll audit for Worker’s Compensation today.

Police concerns: The committee met on February 9, 2017.

Water department concerns: The mayor stated that a street sweeper may be needed in the near future.

Superintendent Dixon was given permission to get prices for a power washer.

Mayor Bowers went over the ten demolition bids and the response from the city’s liability company. After some discussion a bid was awarded to River City Demolition out of Peoria, IL per resolution, R17-8.
Alderman Francis stated that the police committee met on February 9, 2017 to discuss a police account, training, school programs, and police vehicles. The committee recommends:
• A training schedule be made
• Earmarking the gaming money for vehicle purchases in both the police and public works departments
• Not purchasing a police vehicle now but financing one in the future
• Keeping all vehicles maintained
Alderman Lowe stated that the sewer cleaning project is done. A special report on how to proceed will be
requested for an additional fee. This was felt necessary so the worst areas could be repaired first before
roots grow back and cause more damage.

Alderman Lowe estimates that it will take two more weeks for all the new water meters to be installed.

Alderman Mason has received an estimate from Mike Pedigo Engineering for resurfacing a two block area
from Jefferson Street to Court Street for seventy to eighty thousand dollars. He scheduled a streets and
alleys committee meeting for Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 7:00.

There being no further business, Alderman Lowe moved, seconded by Alderman Curry that the regular
meeting adjourn at 7:40 PM.

__________________________________ __________________________________
Karla S. Daubs, RMC, City Clerk Charles “Pete” Bowers, Mayor