Minutes: April 10, 2017

Regular Meeting City Council
City Council Chambers
145 South Main Street
Mason City, Illinois
April 10, 2017 7:00 PM

Call to order by Mayor Charles “Pete” Bowers.

Council members physically present: Bruce Lowe, David Tomlin, Jeff Curry, Scott Francis, Gerald Mahin, and Dan Mason, 6. Also present were City Clerk Karla S. Daubs, City Treasurer Michael R. Griffin, Superintendent of Public Works Wayne Dixon, Police Chief Jack Fischer, Police Officer Russell Willis, Elli Johnson, Tina Marie Williamson, Theresa Snyder, Kris M. Boudreau, Elizabeth “Buffy” Harbin, Michele Whitehead, Larry Crossett, and Wendy Martin.

The Chairman declared a quorum present.

Minutes of the March 27, 2017 Regular Scheduled Council Meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s monthly report was read, approved and ordered filed.

The bills were approved for payment.
R17-15 Alderman Lowe moved, seconded by Alderman Francis to approve that the bills and advanced checks be allowed and warrants drawn for payment with an exception that the CMT, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly payment be held until some research is done.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Aldermen Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.

R17-16 Alderman Mason moved, seconded by Alderman Francis to accept the lower bid for sidewalk replacement in the 100 block of South Tonica Street. Janssen Concrete Construction, Inc.’s bid of $13,500 will be paid out of Motor Fuel Tax funds.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Aldermen Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.
The new office assistant Elizabeth “Buffy” Harbin was introduced. She started on April 3, 2017.

Elli Johnson requested permission to block off a city block for an event to raise money for St. Jude children’s Research Hospital. Permission was given to hold the 7th annual event on May 13th from 9:30 to 11:00 A.M. Barricades will be provided by the city to block the streets beginning at the Illini Central parking lot, north on Northwest Avenue, east on Walnut, south on Irving, and west on Pine.

Tina Marie Williamson addressed the council to say that Mason City has been selected as part of a community challenge. She represents Elevate Energy, a non-profit company. Three communities will compete for grant money based on a point system. Points will be made by looking for efficiency and lowering use of electricity within Mason City. First place is $15,000. Second and third places are $10,000. This event will start in May.

Theresa Snyder co-owner of the Hideout asked permission to close the alley behind their building for events during the day into the evening on April 22nd, May 6th and 13th, June 24th, and during Prairie Harvest Days. Permission was given.

No other citizens addressed the council.

Mayor Bowers read a proclamation making April “Child Abuse Prevention Month”. April is nationally recognized as Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.

Mayor Bowers asked about tracking the gaming money for special projects. Treasurer Griffin responded that this is done in his monthly report.

Mayor Bowers announced that a promising party is looking at the civic center. He hopes to have more information for the next council meeting.

Michele Whitehead asked permission to apply for a Notary Public for Elizabeth “Buffy” Harbin. Permission was given.

Mayor Bowers received a copy of an Order entering judgement against George Buck that he is in violation of Mason City Ordinance 29-3-10 exhaust vents. On August 18, 2017 at 11:00 am the court will review payment.

Clerk Daubs reported:
• The City has been awarded the IPRF, Illinois Public Risk Fund, Safety and
Educational Grant. We received the maximum amount of $2,862.
• A new IMRF, Illinois Municipal Risk Fund, authorized Agent will need to be appointed to take my place. I have the paperwork in my office. The certification class is Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in Springfield, IL. (Michele Whitehead was asked to attend.)
• Since I am the FOIA, Freedom of Information Act, officer someone will need
to be appointed for this too. This class is done online. (Michele Whitehead volunteered to take this position.)
• All city officials are asked to take the OMA, Open Meetings Act, on-line class.

• I attended the LOCIS User Group meeting on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 in Forsyth. Following is an outline of this meeting.
2017 LOCIS User Group
LOCIS 8 – new web based software
This meeting is a free meeting as part of our membership fee. The new software upgrade to LOCIS 8 is also free. Some highlights:
• On line support available 24/7
• Multiple Meters on one account
• Send boil orders via email or text
• Calculates rates anytime
• More data fields
• Greater search criteria
• Work orders created on line and sent to public works
• Police and waterworks can check addresses from their computers
• Updates automatically
• Shut off letters for handhelds
• Programing can be done for individual entities
• Work can be done from home
Networking with other water clerks:
• Google – IL Dept. of Recovery: Report delinquent bills. They will get payment through tax refunds or wages at no charge to us.
• Rounding up bills and designate difference for “projects”
• Charging for EPA required back flow system (boilers, irrigation, etc.) inspections. Add to rates with no cost to keep track and to charge for inspections done by public works department.

Police concerns: None

Water department concerns: Alderman Lowe stated that a water, sewer, and lights committee meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. Superintendent Dixon hopes to get the antenna this month for the digital reading system.

Street and Alley concerns: Two bids have been received for a sidewalk project: Janssen Concrete construction and Tim Clark Concrete Construction. The bid was awarded to Janssen Concrete Construction per resolution R17-16.
Alderman Francis scheduled a police committee meeting for Monday, April17, 2017.

Alderman Mahin questioned an invoice from River City Demolition. It showed asbestos abatement and he thought this was incorrect. He will research this.

A city cleanup has been scheduled for Saturday’s May 6 and 13, 2017. All items must be taken to the city lot at 217 North Tonica Street.

There being no further business, Alderman Mason moved, seconded by Alderman Francis, to recess into
Executive Session at 7:43 P.M. to discuss 5 ILCS 120/2 (c) (1) (2), and (21), Personal, Collective Bargaining, and Review of Closed Meeting Minutes.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Alderman Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.

During the Executive Session, Alderman Mason moved, seconded by Alderman Francis to recess to
the regular meeting at 8:17 P.M.
Roll Call:
Ayes: Alderman Lowe, Tomlin, Curry, Francis, Mahin, and Mason, 6.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.
Chairman declared motion carried.

There being no further business, Alderman Francis moved, seconded by Alderman Mason that the regular
meeting adjourn at 8:18 PM.

__________________________________ __________________________________
Karla S. Daubs, RMC, City Clerk Charles “Pete” Bowers, Mayor