Mason City Pharmacy Gets New Owner

On June 28th Julianne (Becker) Manuel purchased Mason City Plarmacy from Brad Aussieker, Dennis Graue and Mike Rohrer.  Julianne had worked part time for many years in Mason City before taking a full time position at Mackinaw Plarmacy, Tremont Family Pharmacy and most recently Morton Alwan Plarmacy.  Having grown up in Greenview, this is s a coming home of sorts for Julianne.  She and her husband Gary live in Pekin, but her Dad still lives close by in Greenview.  While Gary owns and operates a recording studio and CD duplication business in Bartonville, he will be helping in many aspects of the business.

The pharmacy is well established with loyal customers.  There are many plans in the works to offer both current and new customers new and expanded services.  Over the years Julianne has learned many things that she would like to bring to Mason City.  She has considerable training in use of natural products to supplement prescription medications or in some cases as an alternative to prescriptions.  Many conditions can be improved with the use of natural supplements as well as homeopathic products.  Also, look for a Facebook page and website with regular blog coming soon.  The option of synchronized prescriptions to get all medications lined up tol be fillable on the same day will be offered soon, and future delivery service is planned.

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