Illini Central Student Loan Fund

Graduates of Illini Central may apply to help fund their college or technical school tuition by utilyzing the Illini Central Student Loan Fund. The money made available to graduates from Illini Central High School through the Student Loan Fund is a loan. As such, the committee expects the applicant to make repayment of the money borrowed as soon after leaving school as is feasible. The prompt repayment of this loan will assure future students of Illini Central the same privilege to take advantage of this fund.

There is a limit of $500.00 per semester with the total amount granted not to exceed $3000.00.

The Student Loan Fund Committee will be meeting to approve student loans for the Fall 2014 semester. Students that are interested in acquiring a loan need to submit an application by August 8, 2014. Applications may be picked up in the high school office or downloaded from the school website. Please contact Jennifer Durbin at Illini Central High School at 217.482.3252 or with questions.