Illini Central Access Update

In the interest of public safety, Illini Central Schools has adopted a new student drop-off/pick-up and parking plan which will go into effect at the beginning of the 2013/2014 school year.  The map below shows the new routes.


Student parking will now be in back of the school (west end).  Parking for teachers, administration, and visitors, as well as handicapped parking will remain in the front lot.  Parent/student vehicles will not have access to the front lot from 7:15-8:00am or from 2:40-3:25pm.


For students walking to and from school, there is no change in route.


Buses will now pick-up and drop-off students in front (east side) of the High School.  The drop-off/pick-up lane is off limits to other types of vehicles from 7:15-8:00am and from 2:40-3:25pm.


Parents or others dropping off students or picking them up before and after school must do so in the back lot, following the route marked on the map below.  You must wait for your child to be sent to your vehicle as you pull up to the front of the line.  This applies to the times above.  At other times of day, dropping off and picking up in front of the school is permissible.

The Mason City Police will be assisting crossing guards for the first several days of the school year.  As with all major changes, issues may arise once the plan is implemented, and we encourage you to watch this site or the Banner Times for updates to the plan.

Illini Central overhead view