Help Wanted: SOAR Recruiting

It was suggested to the city council last month by members of SOAR (Save Our Area Resources) that the program might ultimately have to be outsourced to a for-profit contractor or handed over to the city. This was troubling news, as any alternative to Mason City’s award winning, volunteer operated recycling program would be costly, inconvenient, or both.

Fortunately, the issue was raised as a matter of speculation, not immediate crisis. SOAR is on solid footing at the present time, and there is every reason to believe it can remain so.

“We aren’t planning on stopping,” says Melanie Gordon, a member of the SOAR board. “It’s just that we were at a city committee meeting talking about the Civic Center, and we didn’t want the city to make plans for that building without realizing that we might not be able continue indefinately.”

SOAR enjoys good volunteer support from area churches and organizations on recycling days, according to Gordon. However, a great deal of work needs to be done all month long, and that weight currently rests on the shoulders of a few key individuals. She mentioned Tom Williams, SOAR’s board president, as someone who has taken on much of that extra work load. “He’s at it six days a week,” Gordon says. “That’s too much for one person.”

“We’d like some people to help up recyclables from businesses on a schedule,” Gordon says. “Someone with a pick-up truck or van. We’d like to train someone to help run the balers, as well. It’s not hard–just lay the stuff in there, wrap baling wire around it…”

Persons who might be interested in taking part in an exceptional community program while helping to conserve valuable resources are encouraged to attend the next SOAR meeting Tuesday, December 10, at the Mason City Civic Center on Main Street.

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