City Video Goes Stand-Up

While most have already tanned in one of their 4 regular lay-down tanning beds, only a few so far have gotten to experience the 360 degrees of warmth in their new stand-up unit. The new Diva Tower, also known as bed #5, stands 7.625 feet tall and has a stand-smart roomy oval design. Tan time maxes out at 9 minutes allowing the tanner to be in and out in less than 15 minutes. Integrated with vented flooring and an upper exhaust fan gives that perfect amount of warm. The new Illinois Tanning Law will go into effect January 1, 2014, strictly allowing only 18 years of age or older to tan. 14-17 years of age can tan until the end of 2013 with parent consent. Don’t forget SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, this Saturday, November 30th. On this day, stop in and try them out and TAN FOR FREE! Open Monday-Friday 10-8 pm, Saturday 10-9pm, closed Sundays. City Video and Tanning Spa, 200 S. Main, Mason City, 217-481-4145.