August 14, 2017 min

Regular Meeting City Council

City Council Chambers

Mason City, IL 62664

August 14th, 2017 7:00 P.M.


Call to order by Mayor Bruce Lowe


Council members physically present were Aldermen Scott Francis, Gerald Mahin, Dan Mason, Mike Kirby, John Dodson, and Jim Miller. Also present were Treasurer Michael R. Griffin, Michele Whitehead City Clerk, Superintendent Wayne Dixon, Brice and Mary Devore, Todd Arnold, Beth Smith and Karen Miller.


The Chairman declared a quorum present.


Minutes of the July 24th, 2017 regular and executive session meeting, and the July 31st, 2017 Special Council meeting were approved.


The treasurer’s monthly report was read, approved, and ordered filed.

Brice Devore addressed the Council regarding the property at 524 S. Logan. He was in need of 16ft of City property to construct a new home. He has changed the size of the structure and is now asking for 5ft passed the property line. The council will look into this with the assistance of the zoning administrator and committee. A variance may be needed.


Todd Arnold spoke on behalf of the Devore’s; he offered his support that they are trying to make an improvement to the neighborhood. The Devore’s are tearing down and old structure and going to replace it with new construction that will look nice.


Beth Smith requested permission to block Tonica in front of Smokey’s Bar and Grill the night of the car show, so that they could have a street dance. Permission was granted.




R17-44 Alderman Mason moved, seconded by Alderman Miller to approve the bills and advanced checks be allowed and warrants drawn for payments with the exception of delaying mailing the CMT payment until further detail is received for the CMT invoice

Roll Call:

Ayes:   Alderman Francis, Mahin, Mason, Kirby, Dodson, Miller (6).

Nays:   None

Absent: None

Chairman declared motion carried.


R17-45   Alderman Miller moved, seconded by Alderman Francis that Tonica Street in front of Smokey’s Bar & Grill remain closed off for a street dance after the car show on Saturday, August 19th, 2017.

Roll Call:

Ayes: Alderman Francis, Mahin, Mason, Kirby, Dodson, Miller (6)

Nays:   None

Absent: None

Chairman declared motion carried.


R17-46   Alderman Dodson moved, seconded by Alderman Francis that the hydrant on the corner by Fast Stop be replaced by G.A. Rich for approximately $13,000.

Roll Call:

Ayes:   Alderman Francis, Mahin, Mason, Kirby, Dodson, and Miller. (6)

Nays:   None

Absent: None




Mayor Lowe opened the only sealed bid for the 2009 squad car. The bid from Bayridge Motors Inc., Staten Island, NY in the amount of $455.00 was accepted.


Superintendent Dixon informed the Council that the Generator at the water plant is due for service and will probably cost around $1,000.00. Superintendent Dixon also informed the council that the transfer switch at the Lagoon in not working. He is working on finding a new one that can be reused in the future.



The council discussed sidewalk repair. The section of sidewalk on the north side of Chestnut between Main and the alley behind the civic center is in need of extensive repair.   There are 5 trees along there that also cause some havoc to the sidewalk. After a discussion rather to leave the trees or have them removed it was decided to get quotes on sidewalk repair with and without the trees, to see what is more cost effective.


Karen Miller arrived late to the meeting and inquired if the City Officials were going to ride in the Fall Festival parade. The Council agreed to participate in this year’s parade.


There being no further business, Alderman Dodson, seconded by Alderman Mason that the meeting adjourned at 7:32 P.M.



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Michele L. Whitehead, City Clerk                                                             Bruce A. Lowe, Mayor