Arlee Begins Digital Countdown

The days of 35 millimeter film are limited across the country, and in Mason City there are only two weekends left to view movies as they have been sho3wn since “talkies” began. After the Sunday evening show December 1 the Arlee Theater screen will go dark as a crew from Midwest Cinema removes the Arlee’s 77 year-old Simplex projector and refits the theater with a digital one. The first digital movie, the title to be determined will be exhibited December 13.

Most theaters have already gone digital because movie studios are making few if any traditional movie prints, explaining why the Arlee has been closed some weekends, and other weekends held over movies.

The old 35mm prints are extremely expensive to rent, if available at all, so it’s unlikely that the average person will be able to see film media on the silver screen again,” said Arlee Theater owner John Maxson. “This is history in the making.”

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