2013 Prairie Harvest Little Prince and Princess Court

We would like to introduce the 2013 Little Prince and Princess Court:

  • Brady McLaughlin, age 4, son of Justin and April McLaughlin
  • Daphne Royer, age 4, daughter of Ben and Darlene Royer
  • Jaycee Guseman, age 4, daughter of Bo and Jordan Harrison and John Guseman
  • Marley Doyle, age 4, daughter of Justin and Amy Doyle
  • Isabella Baugh, age 6, daughter of Elaina and Andy Baugh
  • Claire Darling, age 4, daughter of Martha and Greg Darling
  • Carly Rose, age 6, daughter of Eileen and John Rose
  • Logan Nemhelman, age 5, son of Hilarie and Rodney Nemhelman
  • Peyton Clifford, age 5, daughter of Erin Clifford and Timothy Gray
  • Regan Harris, age 5, daughter of Tonya and Kyle Harris
  • Parker Vaugh, age 4, son of David and Michele Vaughn
  • Landon Fisher, age 6, son of Trisha Picken and Jay Fisher.

In order to maximize fundraising efforts, the decision was made to accept 12 entries for this year’s contest.

The voting will begin on Friday, August 30 and will end on Thursday, September 19.

For more about Prairie Harvest Days 2013: Hawaiian Hoedown! read the Mason City Banner Times.